Just when I thought I was out (of the worst) they pull me back in

No, I am not talking about the mafia but the bad days of Autie Land. Boo just got better and now Bratty gets Wuss. Her anxiety levels are up and we have had some very bad nights.

But once again we are in the right place to deal with this stuff quick and now I have a meeting with Bratty's supervisor on Wednesday to talk about setting events and all dat jazz.

Now that we have the attic conversion done, (if not paid for, ahem) I was able to put a lot of Boo's old videos and toys into storage, so today I swapped their bedrooms around.

Boo now has the little room that is next to ours and our unpleasant wall knocking neighbors, and Bratty has the corner bedroom that is best insulated. We might find it easier to get her off to sleep in her own bed and perhaps tolerate the tantrums -fingers crossed.

So yeah, just when you think you are out, they pull you back!

Other news in Autie land?

Well there are several causes and courses coming up

Autism Spectrum Disorder Initiatives, who provide residential and day services for adults with Autism in the Wicklow area, are having an Open Day this Friday April 10th
at The Anchorage in North Wicklow Town.
They want to raise awareness of their group in the local community and also to raise much needed funds to facilitate their activities. There will be Face painting, Cake Stalls, A jumble Sale, the usual craic and all in sunny Wickla! Be there between 11am and 1pm to join the fun.

Hometrain Ltd have told us they are delighted to be launching 'Learning Together' - for parents, home tutors, therapists, SNA's - anyone working with children with ASD.

It's on April 18th 2009 at the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan Co. Meath 2-5pm

The launch seminar is free and according to Co-Director Claire Vaughan "it will be extremely informative and useful for many parents - especially those who have a new diagnosis"
If you are interested go to the website - www.hometrain.ie

And Finally I have a very exciting "Save the Day" notice for you. P.E.A.T. which stands for Parents Education as Autism Therapists are holding another one of their excellent conferences on in The Europa Hotel Belfast June 26th & 27th called Facing Autism - Effectively Educating for Life.

They have lectures & workshops organised for the 2 days.

Parents fee is £60 / Professionals £240 / Student or Therapists £92

I will upload the PDF of the flyer and put it on the website tomorrow but in the meantime if you want to pre-book get on to PEAT at www.peatni.org

I last went to one of these in 2004 and I gotta tell you it rocks. Excellent speakers from all over the world, great craic meeting other parents and let's face it, a legitimate reason to escape the house for a few days (but it's for Autism Darling!)

With Thanks To Grufalo Mum for giving us the heads up on the Conference.