What Can Your Phone Do? Mine can help kids with Autism

Our phone has a
5 megapixel camera,
Full Touch Screen with Touchwiz User Interface

Mobile Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook


and It provides Art and Creative Play Therapy for Children with Autism in Laois

Because from every Samsung Tocca Sold In O2 stores during the month of June, €10 will be going to Irish Autism Action Charities in Your Area.

So it could be taking pictures, playing music, surfing the web, hey, even making a few calls...

And allowing a child with Autism in Carlow to attend a national school with typical kids of their own age, with 1:1 Support.

or it could be helping older autistic kids in Rathfarnham learn to dress themselves independently, with their clothes around the right way.

Our phone helps parents and children with Autism, enjoy a well deserved break in a purpose built community support and training centre in Donegal.

So, if you are thinking of upgrading or changing your phone, think about what it might be able to do, for so many kids and their families across Ireland.

My Boo with Pippa O'Connor and Brian Ormond who both volunteered to help us launch the promotion in Bewleys on Grafton Street yesterday.
(Pippa had just done the marathon for us too!)

12 months ago Boo wouldn't have been able to come into town with me and pose for a photo. He was too stressed out and sometimes aggressive. He wouldn't have held my hand in the crowds and would have been flapping and biting his hands.
Since he has been in his new school, the individualised support and attention to his challenges have literally changed our lives. His tutors even teach him to walk nicely, standing tall and to be able to wait for a few minutes, without pulling my arm out of it's socket.

At the photo shoot he shook hands with Brian and Pippa (Boo loves Rte 2) and looked them in the eyes while he told them how he was. I was so proud of the progress he had made in such a short time, with the right help.

To maintain
this level of qualified supervision and support, My School has to raise €14,000 per month. But we wouldn't have it any other way. It has literally given us back our son and we are so grateful to the school and the community and all the companies and people who help keep it open.

Please support all the schools and groups that do so much for families like mine!